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Do you want to go on a nature journaling adventure next summer with a select team of nature journalers and

Marley Peifer as your host?

Do you want to nature journal in some of the most unique and biodiverse environments on the planet?

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June 30-July 10, 2024

We will start in the mountainous Páramo around Quito with volcano views and
soaring raptors before descending the slopes to the Amazon Rainforest in the Cuyabeno reserve where pink river dolphins, monkeys, and caimans wait to meet your acquaintance. Then it's back up the hill to the cloud forest where green jays and sword billed hummingbirds aren't the only living jewels that litter the landscape. 

Each day will be filled with spectacular experiences, extreme nature nerding, as well as quality nature journal lessons and personalized coaching from Marley. With SciBugs handling logistics and guiding, you'll always have an entomologist around too for when you want to look at the bugs just a bit closer.  

Do you love biodiversity?
Do you want to draw beautiful birds like this? 

📸 Jen Cross

Or maybe some cool bugs?

With a group of like-minded nature lovers?

millipede drawing .png
chrysomelidae amazon jen cross.jpeg
📸 Jen Cross

We want you to join this

Andes to Amazon

nature journaling trip.

For ten days we will explore a spectrum of ecosystems from the Andean mountains spanning the high paramo and deserts down to the lush and immersive Amazon rainforest.


From fierce raptors and sword-billed hummingbirds to pink river dolphins and toucans, from Morpho butterflies to giant stick bugs and cryptic beetles -

Ecuador has it all!

Get your nature journal ready!

Important INFO:

Registration Closes January 5th.

First come first serve!

Spots are limited to 15 participants! 

Trip Dates:

June 30-July 10, 2024


2,750 USD All inclusive tour package!

Upgrade to single accommodations: 3,350 USD

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Summary of Places

The Amazon Rainforest

The Cuyabeno reserve, the part of the amazon rainforest located near the Colombian border, is home to playful dolphins, chattering macaws, pocket sized monkeys and floating forests! It’s the second largest reserve of the national parks in Ecuador, protecting 5,900 kilometers of pristine Amazon tributaries. 

We'll be visiting Waita Lodge and it is truly in the heart of the Amazon. Located three hours upriver by boat, you’ll be greeted by dolphins, toucans, and dragonflies as you make your way up the narrowing Amazon rivers. The tranquil lodge has a balanced mix of water activities including paddle boating and canoe rides, and land based activities. Learn about medicinal plants, follow leaf cutter ant trails, and learn about the people and cultures that live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

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Eastern Cloud Forest & Transition

The Eastern cloud forest sits at 8,000ft above sea level and is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world!  Hummingbirds that can only be found here flit through the trees and glittering insects wander around the elephant sized leaves. This area is protected thanks to community efforts. 

We'll be visiting Guango Lodge which is known for its diversity of hummingbirds and other iconic Ecuadorian birds. Don't just look up as you'll miss the dazzling array of orchids scattered through the landscape and the breathtaking mountains. 

While we're still in this area we'll also visit the Papallacta Hot Springs! Putter around at 10,000ft, draw all the dangling orchids and curious antpittas, before soaking your body in the thermal hot springs fed directly from the Antisana Volcano. 

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Volcanic Paramo

Quito, Ecuador's capital, is surrounded by nature and shrouded in history. The high altitude Paramo ecosystem is where you land when first arriving in Ecuador. Several towering volcanos rise from the outskirts of the city , deserts cover the expansive wastes of the north, while cobblestone roads and golden churches litter the central streets.  Above the city skyline is the volcano Pichincha - a beautiful natural refuge housing dozens of unique plants and bird species.

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